I'm Nick Parker.

The Guardian gave The Exploding Boy a splendid review

By day
I'm a creative director at The Writer.
Which means I spend my days:
Writing words for my clients: speeches, proposals, poems, books, crisp packets.
Training people become clearer, sharper and more persuasive writers at work.
Helping my clients sort out their story, strategy or their tone of voice.
Fighting the tedium of corporate blah.

* * *
By night
I write short stories.
A collection of them, The Exploding Boy and other tiny tales, is out now
Go to www.theexplodingboy.com.
'Astonishing. Proves that the short story is still a public good.' Ian Sansom, The Guardian.
'Short, clever, oblique; what the form is for.' said QI's John Mitchinson.
They've appeared all over the place, including:
BBC Radio 4, on McSweeneys.com, in AmbitThe Enthusiast Almanack and in various anthologies.

* * *
By the by
You can also find me:
Blogging thoughts about writing on The Writer's thingamablog.
Tweeting various bits and bobs. (Come, follow me: I'm @nickparker.)
Talking about language and business at corporate events.
Reading at festivals, poetry readings and story nights. (Nothing in me diary just now.)

* * *
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